Friends of College Rolando Library

Greetings to fellow supporters of the College-Rolando Library.

The Friends of the College-Rolando library will be presenting at the College-Area Planning Board meeting, Monday, March 13, 2023, at 6 pm at the library.  The Director of Development Services has been invited to the meeting, as has the representative of the developer.  Jan Hintzman, representing the Friends, is the only confirmed participant.

Jan spent half an hour with the plans now being ministerially reviewed by the city and has some understanding of the scope and details of the current plan.  She also had the opportunity to peruse the 2022 DSD preliminary review documents created in response to issues raised by the developer.  The issues discussed are the main issues raised by the community.

However, a year has passed, and it is not possible to know actions taken by the city or the developer to address those issues.  We need that information!  How much will the city allow?  What avenues remain to protect our library?  When will the driveway be blocked for construction?

Join us at the meeting, keep in touch!  There’s still a fight ahead.



The Friends of the College Rolando Library