It’s El Cerrito See’s Candy Time!

Order See’s Candy with ECCC and cross it off your list. You can save a lot of Money and have your See’s Candy Order delivered to your door while helping the ECCC Raise Money. ECCC is taking See’s Candy orders NOW.

Not only do you save on every pound you buy, purchasing your See’s candy through our program helps the ECCC to raise money PLUS you get it delivered to your door-step! No fighting crowds or trying to find a parking spot and standing in long lines! Look for your order form with this month’s newsletter, or click to access it below. The deadline for getting your order to us is Tuesday, December 3, 2019. We will deliver the candy to your door on Saturday December 7th.

People really do love to get See’s Candy for the Holidays and ECCC makes it easy. The parking lots are full and lines at See’s stores are so long this time of year, so let us help. Just fill out your order form and mail it with payment to our P.O. Box 151268.

Click here for the order form.