See’s Candy Fundraiser

The ECCC See’s Candy annual fundraiser lets you save $$$, delivers the See’s candy to your door AND helps the ECCC raise money – what a yummy win-win!
People really do love to get See’s Candy for the holidays and ECCC makes it easy. The parking lots are full and lines at See’s stores are pretty long this time of year, so let us help. This year we have added electronic ordering. Please print out the order form and either mail it with payment to our P.O. Box OR take a snapshot with your camera phone of your order–use the scanner app (Genius Scan) and email to and use PayPal. You can pay via the PayPal link via the ‘Donate’ button attached below the order form, just please include a comment that it is for the See’s Candy Fundraiser.
Enclosed is the order form. The deadline for getting your order to us is Tuesday, December 5, 2017. We will deliver the candy to your door on Saturday, December 9th. Now, how convenient is that?!