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Crawford High School Stadium Documents

Agreements with the El Cerrito Community around the use of the Crawford Field and Stadium. These were negotiated with community members, members of the Crawford High School Administration, SDUSD Facilities personnel, and approved by all. The Field Use Policy was approved by the SDUSD Board. 

Stadium Event Plan for Crawford High School_Final

Crawford High School Field Use Policy Final_

Picture LogoNeighborhood Design and Development Guidelines 

2006-ECCC design guidelines final version

The purpose of these guidelines is to set out design principles that reflect existing public policy (2006) as it relates to the development of property along El Cajon Boulevard. 

They are generic in nature and may be used by anyone interested in the El Cerrito Community portion of El Cajon Boulevard (54th Street to College Avenue), yet specific enough that any potential project can be objectively assessed for conformance with current policy.  The document provides input from the citizens of El Cerrito to the planning process for improving our community.  We address topics that are tailored to meet the specific needs of this community.  It is unique to this community and identifies concerns for the future of our residents, homes, local commerce, and infrastructure.  In addition, these guidelines are based on both the College Area Community Plan (1989) and the Mid-City Community Plan (1998) – both of which El Cerrito is a part. 


There are no parks in the El Cerrito Heights Community.

There are no parks inside the El Cerrito Heights Community, residents have access to Clay Park, Colina Del Sol, and Chollas Lake Park. Clay Park is a neighborhood park that serves the Rolando Community. It is not within easy walking distance for many El Cerrito Heights residents. Colina Del Sol is a Community Park and it is adjacent to El Cerrito; it is within walking distance of much of the community. It has a very small, inadequate cement dog run. Chollas Lake Park is a regional park and is approximately 2 ½ miles from El Cerrito. It is not within walking distance for much of the neighborhood, but is a short drive.

The city in encouraging higher density housing, smaller-sized units and more people. This increases the need for more parkland, not just adding “amenities” in existing parks.

The Parks and Recreation Coalition (aka PARC) is made up of volunteers who signed a coalition letter and testified requesting improvements to the Parks component of Complete Communities at the November 9 City Council hearing.
– This presentation, Parks for All, acknowledges the work that has been done on the Parks Master Plan, General Plan Recreation Element, and Citywide Park Development Impact Fee (which make up the Parks component of Complete Communities) and describes the improvements that PARC is requesting be made before the proposals are brought back to City Council for adoption.  They presented the following to the El Cerrito Community in March 2021.


Parks Accessible to the El Cerrito Heights Community