ECCC Annual Garage Sale-September 30th, 2017

The ECCC is holding its annual Community Garage Sale on Saturday, September 30th this year. Please sign up for this annual event as soon as possible so we can ensure your address will be included on the maps to be distributed with the September ECCC Newsletter and the day of the sale. Maurize Rios will help us again this year with QR codes and making an interactive map for cell phones. We usually have upwards of 40-50 households on both sides of El Cajon Blvd participating, so there is a good amount of anticipation generated among the regular bargain hunters. The feedback has always been very positive, and that is why we have maintained sponsorship of this September El Cerrito tradition. This is a great way to unload unwanted furniture, collectibles, utensils, art work, etc. and make some money in the process. Plus it’s fun. Get some neighbors together and really make it a festive event. We advertise the sale from 8:00 am through 12 noon since a lot of the buyer traffic tapers off by that time, but you can go as long as you like. A lot of bargain hunters come early, if you want to start before 8:00. We place a large ad in the Union Tribune on the Friday before and the day of the sale. There will be notices in Craigslist and other garage sale web sites.

Our maps include a list of the items you have for sale, matched to your street address to help buyers zero in on the items they want. Garage sale signs are placed at participating streets on both sides of the Boulevard and we provide Garage Sale signs and Arrows for you to put up leading to your house. The cost is only $10.00 per household – which pays for the ads, get streets signs put up, Garage Sale and Arrow printed and a place on the ECCC Maps. The deadline for entries is Monday, September 21, 2017 so we can get the maps prepared and passed out with the newsletters. We cannot guarantee inclusion on the map after this date so reply early! Just make your check out to “ECCC” and enclose your list of items then mail both to: P.O. Box 151268, San Diego, CA 92175-1268, with your name, address and a list of items for sale. If you would like confirmation that we received your entry, please include your email address and we will send you a confirmation. Also, you can pay via PayPal on the Donate button, just please include a note on the form that this is for the garage sale.