Everything You Need to Know About SB 10


Everything You Need to Know About SB 10


Everything You Need to Know About SB 10


The Senate Bill 10 Opt-In is bundled into San Diego’s Housing Action Package 2.0 and currently making its way through the system (timeline below). Mayor Gloria and his backers in Sacramento hope that San Diego will be the first city in the state — and probably the only city foolish enough — to “opt-in” to SB 10.


The final decision rests solely in the hands of our nine City Council members who will be voting on the Package this summer. Unlike previous state mandates, such as SB 9, SB 10 is entirely optional and our City Council members have the full discretion to pull it from the Housing Action Package.


Here’s what the City Council must know about SB 10:


• SB 10 allows 10-unit buildings up to three stories high in residential neighborhoods on single-family parcels.


• All parcels a mile or more away from existing or future transit stops are eligible (over half of all San Diego properties).


• Opens up a 12-fold increase in building volume on average-size single-family lots, exceeding the density of most of San Diego’s apartment zones.


• Even tiny lots are eligible for SB 10.


• Although Historic Districts are protected in the current draft of the Housing Action, a Planning Commissioner is already advocating for SB 10 to be allowed in Historic Districts.


• No onsite parking requirements for the majority of eligible lots under the pretense that residents who live a mile away from ineffective transit won’t need cars.


• Allowed in high-risk fire areas.


• Gray San Diego: 100% concrete coverage of lots allowed (no green space required).


• No requirements for homeownership (can remain apartment buildings forever).


• Drives land prices up by creating increased revenue potential for developers and investors, leading to higher rents and home prices.


• THERE’S NO TURNING BACK! If SB 10 is implemented in San Diego, IT CAN NEVER BE UNDONE. EVER. This is written into the State bill itself.


Incredibly, it’s been brought to our attention that at least one San Diego Council member (communicated through a senior staffer) is not aware that SB 10 is in the Housing Package or that Mayor Gloria is expecting the City Council to pass it this summer. This is remarkable considering our Council members hold the power to decide our fate with this very damaging, irreversible bill.


After the bogus “public engagement” meeting on SB 10 last March, the Package is now in the “Draft Regulations Developed” stage according to the City’s timeline.


Timeline for the City Council’s vote on SB 10:


Initial Public Engagement – Winter 2023
Draft Regulations Developed – Spring 2023
Planning Commission – Spring 2023
City Council Committee – Summer 2023
City Council Adoption – Summer 2023


You can rest assured that your City Council members are taking meetings with building industry lobbyists and proponents of SB 10.


Please continue to put pressure on your Council member and educate them on why they must vote NO on SB 10. It’s imperative that they fully understand the irreversible harm of this non-mandatory Senate bill, authored by Senator Scott Wiener and co-authored by San Diego Senator Toni Atkins.


Click here to read about the lawsuit challenging the City of San Diego’s upzoning of single-family neighborhoods.




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