Meet The Candidates Running For San Diego Mayor

As the pivotal March 5th primary election rapidly approaches, Neighbors for a Better San Diego offers voters an opportunity to engage with the field of candidates vying for your vote. Come, hear directly from those who aspire to lead — to understand their platforms, scrutinize their policies, and envision the future they propose for us all.

Before casting your ballot, it is exceedingly important to be informed of where each candidate stands on the array of issues that hold significant sway over our daily lives and collective well-being. Whether it’s housing, economic development, or environmental stewardship, these discussions and debates offer a window into the priorities and values these candidates will carry into office.

Remember, the decisions made at the polls on March 5th will shape the legislative agenda and impact every facet of life in San Diego. It is time for active civic participation. Let your voice be heard, your concerns be addressed, and your vision for the community’s future be a guiding force for the leaders of tomorrow. The actions you take now, before the March 5th primary elections, will resonate long after the last ballot is cast.


Candidates Jane Glasson,  Geneviéve Jones-WrightDaniel Smiechowski, and Larry Turner have confirmed attendance. We are still waiting for confirmation from Todd Gloria.

Each candidate will give opening statements and then answer questions submitted by the audience.

Registration is required for this event.

The forum will be moderated by the League of Women Voters of San Diego and conducted according to their guidelines.